Retrograde Ejaculation

Advice: A common problem after some urological operations, and certain medical treatments. It results in infertility, which can be managed. RE itself is difficult to treat, but can be distressing; please refer if your patient is troubled.

Refer To: Urologist.


Retrograde ejaculation is common after bladder neck surgery, which includes TURP, and other BPH procedures. It also occurs with alpha-blocker treatment, but should resolve some time after cessation of treatment. Occasionally, retroperitoneal or pelvic surgery will result in irreversible RE.


As mentioned, RE results in infertility, which can be addressed by a reproductive specialist. However, before treatment is started, documentation of the diagnosis is required with a post-‘ejaculation’ urine sample for microscopy to look for sperm.

Treatment of retrograde ejaculation:

Alpha-blockers can be stopped, but other treatment may need to be commenced for lower urinary tract symptoms.

Alpha-agonists have been used in some patients, but great care is required.


  • Urologist for consideration of treatments
  • Reproductive specialist for fertility issues


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